“What does Alaka‘i Mean to You?”

Being an athlete/coach at Alaka’i provides you with an honest opportunity to increase your strength, physically and mentally, as well as your knowledge as a Coach enabling you to help more people in more ways.
- Dustin

I will face what I think I cannot do with tenacity and make my dreams a reality.
- Jen

To be Alaka‘i means to be a great leader. To be alaka?i means to be an exemplary example to others because as a leader we possess a great power of influence that can motivate and inspire; an influence that can change lives.
- Kat

Age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Never give up.
- Peter

Undivided and unbroken completeness or totality with the quality of being united into one.
- Dez

In order to be Alaka‘i one has to be fearless to give corrections/improvements to all, no matter the skill level or person.
- Greg

For me Alaka‘i means caring, the ability of caring for others while sharing a common passion.
- Kama

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